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It was a dance full of flashes and fishbones, of dazzling lights, a dance of penetrating intensity. They fight for one another. An incident can imply an idea that would otherwise have to be stated.

On the most basic level, the sentence above could be written as a metaphor like this: The act of reasoning from a general idea to a specific point or conclusion.

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Another orthodoxy is in its death throes. Those benefits are what keep us largely quiet and uncomplaining as the machine rolls on, in the words of the poet R. The principles of parallelism may be applied to words, phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, and still larger units.

War in human civilization. The leading character known as the tragic herosuffers from what Aristotle called "hamartia," a mistake in judgement on the part of the hero, frequently translated as "tragic flaw.

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I knew what I wanted: Imaginative Imagery uses figurative language to create vivid imaginary images, in order by indirection to evoke and enhance images of actual objects or experiences.

And sometimes the term is used as a way of redescribing the conventional gene-level theory of natural selection in different words: It is five penta feet meters of one unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable.

He had tattoos on his neck and was wearing a scarf and shades, even though it was summer and he was indoors.

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The earliest example he gives is the improvement in hunting techniques in the Upper Paleolithic era, around fifteen thousand years ago.

It can be broken into the following parts: Nature is tough and will adapt to this: Cesar Chavez was more fantastic than we ever imagined.

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A statement that is broad enough to cover or describe characteristics that are common to a variety of particular objects, events, or experiences. She was a woman artist in a major avant-garde, who refused to prioritize among her media—continuing to focus on her textiles, applied arts, and teaching while also making paintings and relief sculptures alongside her male colleagues.

In those two decades he killed three people and injured twenty-four others. The story is powerful and reveals much about the oppression of women in past centuries. Courage in War; Moral-Ethical Emphasis:. The Creative Writing major at Loras College offers extraordinary depth and range, together with the kind of close, sustained faculty mentoring which is only possible at a small college.

Students choose from introductory and advanced courses in Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction, along with.

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ABSTRACTION: a term that is applied to ideas that are philosophical and emotional, not concrete or tangible, yet the idea comes from experience.

In fact, I would argue that the extended metaphor is the go-to device for most rhetoric, whether written, spoken, sung, or even presented visually. A few years back when I lived in Seattle, I sometimes passed street protesters with signs depicting Obama with a Hitler mustache.

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I'm trying to write a college essay using an extended metaphor comparing my desire to pursue education in the future with the creation of a yoyo. This is probably a bit confusing, so I'll try to ex.

Extended metaphor essay college
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