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The profusion of objects with which you have populated the landscape would all tend to anchor the forces in unexpected or undesired forms. If I am looking at a visual symbol rather than hearing words, then they appear as sudden detailed "realizations" of what the symbol is intended to represent, which appear instantly in my awareness.

My feeling is that the plain has a slight advantage as a workspace. There is no reason that it should, since by doing the test you are, effectively, blessing and feeding it; few beings will pass up a free lunch.

Write brief notes underneath each point consisting of the facts you will use to support that point. Complete the series before working with any other rank or Tablet. So the posts in the series are likely to be erratic.

International Baccalaureate/Extended Essay Tips

Fill in the details to the degree that you would actually be able to see if you were standing at a similar spot in the real world. The practice of creating landscapes in the mirror should have overcome any difficulty in that regard. Lacking that training, we too often end up acting as censors and tyrants rather than mediators, suppressing troublesome messages from these parts rather than dealing with them.

Decide on the major features of the landscape, what sorts of buildings or other structures you want. There are several variations on the basic method for different purposes. More forest rising behind the road implies that the ground beyond is higher.

You don't need legs in the magickal space, since you are moving yourself around by your volition rather than by pushing yourself with muscles.

It is best to expect a learning period of at least several months; don't expect quick results. For some time, all of the contents of your world will be a reflection of yourself in one way or another.

Some candidates will find their first drafts are in the 6, to 8, range, while others will reach about This is a reflection of the relative density of nerves in the physical body.

This is especially the case where the practitioner has personal desires that relate to the information being conveyed, or where the person's self-image feels threatened. With practice and familiarity, this imaginary world will begin to take on a sense of being a "real" place; not real in the same way as the physical world, but having a permanence about it nonetheless.

Unfortunately, human evolution is not yet at the point where the consciousness automatically functions in the best way possible.

IB extended essay Rough Draft due in 2 days. what do IB do with Rough Draft?

Since doing the job right will take a while, I'm going to do it in sections, as I have the time. Once you have managed to dissociate movement of your magickal and physical hands, the rest of your body will be very easy, and can be done with similar exercises, if necessary.

I would recommend that you create a new mirror in your Enochian workplace for every series of invocations that you do, and destroy it after completing the series. This accounts for the documented fact that different magicians have produced widely varying -- sometimes even contradictory -- results using the system.

Don't be too encouraged by these, as it is likely you will fall back to a lower level in the next session. If you find that after some practice you can't maintain a full body image, don't worry about it; just get by with what you do have, and imagine the rest of your body concealed by a robe or other loose garment.

But with practice the images will sharpen, expand and become active, presenting whole landscapes and long storylines that dramatically present the answers you are seeking.

How to Write an Extended Essay (Examples and Topic Ideas)

A woman I once met made a habit of surveying people about the appearance of their magickal spaces. Avoid using the magick at times when other parts of your life are unusually stressful.

The consequence of these factors is that any work with the magick places a certain amount of stress on the magician's mind and body, and over-use can lead to various stress-related forms of illness.

Get up and walk around, stretch yourself, get a drink or go to the bathroom, or some other mundane task.

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The first few times you do this, your physical arms are almost certain to tense up into rigidity. Still keeping your eyes closed, go through the movements and note how each part of your body feels in different positions, and note what your kinesthetic sense tells you about the positioning of your limbs as you move.

In the cabala, it represents both the "mind" or "intellect" aspect of being, and the Yetziratic, "formative", or "Son" aspect of the IHVH sequence. Hold it as long as comfortable, and then release it, allowing the weight of your ribs and the natural tension of your diaphragm to push the air out of your lungs without forcing it.

Similarly, if you have used the mirror as a gate and entered into some region, you should cast the appropriate symbol against any object that appears prominent in the area, and always against any being who appears to serve as your guide.

Make a mental "map" of the areas in your world that you will want to visit most often. February of Junior Year: What they all have in common is the use of symbols traditionally associated with the "paths" of the Tree of Life, e.

The IB Extended Essay (or EE) is a 4, word structured mini-thesis that you write under the supervision of an advisor (an IB teacher at your school), which counts towards your IB Diploma (to learn about all of the IB diploma.

The IB Extended Essay (or EE) is a 4, word structured mini-thesis that you write under the supervision of an advisor (an IB teacher at your school), which counts towards your IB Diploma (to learn about all of the IB diploma requirements, check out our other article). EXTENDED ESSAY Extended Essay Coordinator: Mr.

Kevin Valliant Assistant Principal: Mr. Bryce Johnson Is the preliminary outline sufficient for the proposed essay? EXTENDED ESSAY Please assign a grade to the extended essay based on the general criteria and the subject criteria.

The Extended Essay: Constructing an Effective Outline A. The Usefulness of an Outline Outlines are especially helpful for significantly large essays because they help both you and your supervisor make. The Extended Essay (EE) is one of the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme. It provides students with an opportunity to conduct independent research on a topic of interest to them.

It is written on a freely-chosen topic as long as there is a subject teacher in school, as the candidate must have. Build an extended essay outline around the research question. The introduction should contain your research query and your main argument, otherwise known as the thesis statement.

The body is easiest to divide into three parts.

Extended essay rough outline
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